Run and Jump, what!

There are some crazy moments when you happen to lose all the sense you have developed in all those years of living sanely. The problem is, when those moments come, you are helpless in using your mind at all. This happened to me this Tuesday, when after running 5 kms I was cooling down when I noticed some boys doing high jumps over a junk plastic pipe. I immediately fell for it, as it brought back memories of me doing high jumps in school at least 15 years back, and which I have never since done. With my legs tired after the run, I went for the jump, which I actually did fine. The problem was that my legs were gone, unable to carry my weight on the way down, and I went straight to the ground with a bad strain in my legs. As a result, I missed todays run and still have a mild pain. What a jerk I am!


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