Running Shoes

It is always difficult to pick a pair of shoes that suites you, with such a wide variety of brands and models available. It depends upon your foot structure primarily and there are websites that will help you in deciding what to choose. I got a basic Adidas Shore running shoe when I started running, and I am now considering getting another one, in time for my first event.

Here is the list of some shoes I considered.

  • Asics Kayano XI ($130) – Stability Plus
  • Asics GT 2100 ($85) – Stability
  • New Balance 990, 991 ($105) – Stability Plus
  • New Balance 1023 ($90) – Neutral Plus
  • New Balance 766 ($80) – Stability
  • Adidas Supernova Control ($75-90) – Stability
  • Adidas Supernova Cushion ($65-85)
  • Adidas AdiStar Cushion ($90-110) Adidas
  • AdiStar Control ($95-$120)
  • Adidas Response ($80)

And based on these, I have narrowed down to one of the following three for me:

  • ASICS® GT-2100
  • New Balance® 766
  • Adidas® Supernova Control

I guess I will be bying the New Balance 766. It has also won the Road Runners magazine Editor’s Choice Award for 2005.


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