24 km and going strong!

This weekend was my 24K run. I had to skip the Friday run as it was decided between me and Vivek that we’ll do the long run on Saturday, instead of Sunday, for this week. But since I had some important work for the Sat morning, we had to start real early. In fact, we were there at about 5:30 am, and it was still dark, though we did see a few runners running on the roads. Anyway, I was the one to reach late this time, found Vivek in the parking and possibly cursing me ๐Ÿ™‚

The run was again good, and at a better pace than I have done anytime before, at a distance I have never run before. So, it was great. I did the 24K in 3:06. And the 21K point was crossed in 2:44, a full 8 minutes faster than the previous attempt at 21K. This has increased my self belief that I would be able to do the Delhi Half marathon on Oct 16th in 2:30. Besides, the Nehru park has a few small hills as well, which really test me during the long runs, so all the more better.

The only wildcard now is the running surface, running on the ground versus the actual run on road. I have done some running on road, maximum 5K, and have’nt felt bad about that, so I hope it wont make a big difference on the D-Day.


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