Mumbai Marathon maps compared

Top Left – 2006, Top Right – 2005 Bottom – 2004.

Just out of curiousity, and to find out if the route has changed over the years, I compared the maps of the 2004 and 2005 run to the 2006 one. 2006 and 2005 are more or less similar, only that the 2006 has the bends and turns drawn more correctly.

While I was going through some old Mumbai marathon news, one of the winners had mentioned that the route was a double loop course, which made it tougher. Thanks to Jacob for the info that this was a reference to the 2004 route. Here is what Jacob says about the route:

“… the race route for 2004 was a double loop with two bridges to climb and get down. That meant you had 8 bridges to climb up and down. With 2005, they stretched the course so u didnt have to do the loops. It’s the same course for this year. So, you would have to climb 4 bridges.”


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