Musings of a confused runner

Mumbai marathon came, and went. The return to Mumbai after 6 years was memorable, and brought back fond memories of the good times gone by. I used to work here, my office being located in Andheri, East. Unfortunately, most of my colleagues from there had already left for greener pastures in all this time… so could not meet anyone out there. I used to stay at Warden road when I was here, and I made it a point to go to the place and just take another look at the building I had spent a few years of my life in. Silly me… I know… but sometimes, your urges overpower you, what can we say.

As for the marathon itself, it was a great satisfaction to reach the finish line. However, there was some emptyness inside me as well, call it the weight of overexpectation. I had thought that I would be able to do this within 5 hours, and it almost took me an hour more. I was hurt… not because I was not able to run towards the end of the race, but because I never thought that I would reach a stage where I would be forced to walk. I never had to walk in trainings, running upto 4 hours, and upto 32 kms. So, it was a personal shock to me, one, which I realized, was due to false expectations. With experience however, I hope I will do better.

So now that this is over, I am feeling a bit restless. After not having 100% satisfaction from my first attempt, I am itching for another go… soon. And the earliest I can see that happening is Bangalore, which should have the event in May, hopefully. I tried searching to see if there is a web site, nope, nothing there. I am trying to find out where and how to do the registration. Hopefully, I will be there.


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