My marathon "Request List"

Most of the marathons we have here, including the recently concluded Mumbai marathon, leave a lot to be desired. Here’s my list of things I would love to change.

1. Start the Full Marathon early. 6:30, even 7:00 should be okay. Not beyond that, though.

2. Publish the full results, pleeeaze! All decent international marathons do this. Even if I am not amongst the top finishers, I would like to know how others ran.

3. Allow the chip timing to be computed beyond the 5 hr limit. Okay, take away all the intermediate sensors, at least leave the one at the finishing line. I know that the traffic was opened, people can take a bus or cab to finish line, but those will not be the people who will be interested in their timings, and even if they are, does anyone else care? It’s a personal thing beyond 5 hrs.

Guys, you are free to add to this list, send me your comments, and I’ll make the list grow.

List of some interesting suggestions received from fellow runners:

  1. Start marathon early for amateur runners (difficult to implement from organizational perspective).
  2. Have a 10K race instead of the 7K dream run.
  3. Declare marathon dates much earlier, even an year before.
  4. Publish route details online along with each KM mark info.
  5. Provide elevation map (great point, Anand)
  6. Provide Finisher’s T-Shirt.
  7. Improve Expo quality, make it more sports oriented rather than a bazaar or a haat.

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