The story of Indian marathoners

Today, I came across this news article on the progress of Indian marathoners over the years. It brought out some really amazing points:

1. The Indian men’s marathon record is about 28 years old in the name of Shivnath Singh. It was set at Punjab marathon in 1978, a time of 2:12:00. It is 4th amongst the 5 oldest records records that are still standing.

2. KC Ramu seems to be the best of the current breed, 2:19 at Allahabad, 2005.

3. Women’s record is also more that 10 years old, in the name of Vally Sathyabhama, set in Chennai marathon (1995) in 2:38:10.

4. Women’s half-marathon record is in the name of Madhuri Gurnule, set in Pune marathon (2004) with a time of 1:14:45.

Indian athletics record can be found at the bcdaaa website.


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