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After a long hiatus from running since the Mumbai marathon, I was back to running the last weekend. Started with a 8KM long run, completed at a leisurely pace of 6.17/KM. I have the target clearly set for me – 5.71/KM. Why 5.71? Well, if I do each kilometer at this pace, I will crack the Half marathon under two hours at Bangalore!

Unfortunately, this first day of running also turned out pretty bad for my friend , who had gone with me. His car got stolen from outside the park where we were running. Very sad.

HELP needed: As a I prepare for the Bangalore marathon, I need some info, and I hope those who read this might be able to help:

1. Is the registration open. Where can I get the entry forms (I live in Noida, near Delhi)?
2. Can I hope to see an online registration for the event. I doubt it.
3. Can someone provide me a bit detailed info on the Bangalore marathon route, and if there are any flyovers, and where on the route.


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