Upto 11 KM in practice

The last week was a take-it-easy week for me. Most of the running days were changed to rest days, forced due to my wobbly knee and the shin. However, I managed to keep pace with my weekend schedule, which included an 11 KM long run. I have tried icing my knee, and it seems to be helping.

This Sunday, the Nehru park was hustling and bustling with activity. Lots of running groups were around, including Sunita Godara’s. I met Subhash Chandra Khatri (Indian Veteran’s winner at Mumbai marathon), and he gave me some sound tips on how to bring my knee back to shape. There were a couple of coaches who were running/exercising with their running groups, and I took some strength tips from one of them. It is surprising to see so many runners here at this time of the year, especially since there is no big running event here in the coming few months.

Managed to catch up some exciting Football action in the evening, with Fulham beating Chelsea after something like 26 years! Eat that Mourinho!


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