Hutch Delhi Half Marathon 2006 Results

The complete results of the 2006 event are available online. Please check the below links for your result:

Results Men

Results Women

Some observations:

* Total 730 ranked finishers in the overall Mens category

* Total 87 ranked finishers in the overall Womens category

* Given the overall registration figures of 6,500 for half marathon, it looks like about 12% of the registrants used the timing chips

* As in last year, Subhash Chand Khatri from Delhi managed to sweep the Veterans field in 1:12:59, an amazing performance in the league of the top Indian runners.

* In Womens veterans, Sunita Godara (the Indian legend of marathon running) lost out to Rajshree Chaturvedi, who topped the veterans field in 1:53:21


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