A week before the big run

My buildup to the Mumbai Marathon (Half) has been nowhere near the best I had hoped for. The ankle pain which started in later weeks of December continues, and I continue to run with the pain. The only precaution I am taking is that I have cut down my long run pace from race pace (which I know is not a good idea anyway), to a relaxed and easy pace. Still, the desire to run fast takes over sometimes and I give one fast lap a try every weekend… and the ankle is obviously no better.

Jan 07, 2006: 5 laps (4 easy + 1@14:46 — my personal best!)
Jan 14, 2006: 6 laps (5 easy + 1@15:37)

I am not sure about the Mumbai run… what pace should I run, is the below 2:00 hr goal still realistic? I don’t have the answers today. I am dreading the killer Peddar road flyover, particularly on the way back. Maybe I will have some answers towards the end of the week. I have started some heat treatment on my ankle, and I am all confused between the difference between an ankle sprain (for which cold treatment is advised) and an ankle strain (heat).

Lets hope for the best.


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