Mumbai Marathon 2007 results

I was not able to participate this time… but here are the results for record. This was also the first time that the previous years results were NOT bettered in either the Men’s or Women’s categories, looks like it was really HOT ๐Ÿ™‚

Complete results may be accessed at: mikatiming

Women’s marathon:
1. Yang Ziao Shu (Chn) 2:36:17
2. Letay Negash (Eth) 2: 37:05
3. Jennifer Chesinon (Ken) 2:38:14
India’s best:
1. Leelamma Alphonso (2:59:49) 16th

Men’s marathon:
1. John Kelai (Ken) 2:12:28
2. Gashaw Melese Asfaw (Eth) 2:12:33
3. Tariku Jufar (Eth) 2:12:50.
India’s best:
1. Ram Singh Yadav (2:20:34) 16th

Women’s half-marathon:
1. Madhuri Gurnule (Ind) 1:19:54
2. Fabiola Oppliger (Swi) 1:26:44
3. Bhagwati (Ind) 1:27:49

Men’s half-marathon:
1. Deep Chand (Ind) 1:08:03
2. Bhairav Singh Lone (Ind) 1:08:25
3. Sachin Sonawane (Ind) 1:08:27

Below are some experiences from the 2007 run from fellow bloggers:

Ron and Luke


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