Delhi Marathon 2007 cancelled

I dont know what to write about these guys (SMGI). They have made a tamasha out of marathons. Year after year, their ineptitude and lack of professionalism has just grown by leaps and bounds. Last time they postponed it twice before finally organizing a wishy-washy event. This year, they went one step ahead and postponed it all the way to the end of the year. Here’s what these guys had to say on their website:

We had the first Delhi Marathon last year and we are working to make the second one a much nicer event.Despite our best efforts we are sorry to say that we are unable to hold the marathon this February as planned. The second Delhi Marathon would be now on 9th December 2007 and we promise to make it a marathon to remember.

Well, these guys are really the skunk of the universe, the absolute garbage material. They really make me sick giving all the wonderful excuses about their mismanagement. Here’s something more they add:

We had to postpone it, and you understood. Now we seek your understanding and support once again.

An absolute gem of a statement, this surely is in the George Bush class, absolute idiocy. Too read more funny stuff, check out their site.


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