Road Rash 2007-2008

I have finally pushed myself into committing for the below 4 runs for this season:

* Noida Half Marathon (Sep 9, 2007)

* Hutch Delhi Half Marathon (Oct 28, 2007)

* Singapore Marathon (Dec 2, 2007)

* Mumbai Marathon (Jan 21, 2008)

Noida (21K) – a first time event for me. An ordinary running route along the Taj expressway with nothing much to look around. Cannot expect the carnival atmosphere found in most of the big marathons here. Should be a good reality check towards the HDHM in Oct.

Update (Sep 8th) : Will skip this run due to a personal emergency.

Delhi (21K) – The route, a bit majestic when it comes to Rajpath, is otherwise just okay. Rajpath is always a killer with the race starting not too early. This would be my 3rd time here and I would be trying to hit the 2 hour mark. Last year saw 289 mens finishers within the last recorded time of 5:37. I think total participation figures would have been in the range of 1500-2000.

Singapore (42K) – This would be a really big one for me, my first there, and overall my second full marathon after Mumbai 2006. Undoubtedly Asia’s biggest marathon, and with a huge participation which dwarfs any 42K numbers we see here in India. 2006 run has more than 9000 participants in the 42K. Anything below 5:00 would be good for me. I have booked my tickets, so there’s no going back.

Mumbai (42K) – This would be my chance to get my revenge. This is where I attempted my first 42K, and finished in an agonizing 5:55 (which included about 1:30 walking). I would target to finish this running within 5:00 this time around.


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