Halfway towards the Marathon

As I complete 8 weeks of training for the 16 weeks Higdon programme, every weekend is a big challenge. What makes it even more interesting is that during this month of fasting, it adds another level of challenge to the entire experience, and with it another level of motivation which pushes me forward. As I reach 21K long runs in practice, my strategy is to do the long run in the evenings, start an hour before the fast break, break fast, eat some-drink some, do another hour of running, drink some more, and then do the remaining distance. That makes it already very late in the day, so repeating this exercise for 24K and 26K (also in the fasting period, actually the 26K would be Eid) would require some more thinking and planning on how to go about doing it. I also seem to be losing weight pretty fast, down to about 67.5 from the 70kg a couple of weeks back. But just 3 more weeks before I am back to my normal routine.


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