Running progress for VDHM/SCSM

Things are looking good and I am trying to stick to my schedule as far as I can. I am trying to keep the focus of my training to the Singapore marathon, though the upcoming Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon on Oct 28th has made me do minor tweaks to my program to do the best in both. I also don’t want my half marathon effort to affect the Singapore run.

Last Long run: 27 KM Time: 2:48 (run time only)

I also did a couple of fastish 6.8 KM runs to check up on my pace. I managed to do them in 38 (5:34/km) and 37 (5:26/km) minutes. To keep things in perspective, a sub 2:00 hr half marathon would require a pace of 5:42/km. I will find out on 28th how I fare.


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