VDHM tomorrow!

This week has been very poor from my health point of view, and which has taken away a lot of confidence I had for getting a good timing. Now, my goal is to just start the race at a comfortable pace and then see how it feels and run accordingly. I guess I would be satisfied if I better my HDHM best of 2:12.

Delhi weather prediction for tomorrow from weather.com:
8:00 am : 24C (feels like 26C)
9:00 am : 27C (feels like 27C)
10:00 am : 29C (feels like 28C)

Humidity is expected to remain between 35 and 46%. I don’t know what that “feels like” figure means, but I think it is related to humidity levels.

I also got my goodie bag / running number / timing chip today. Colgate toothpaste, sipper bottle, Dove shampoo sachets, small metal flag of India, Quaker oats, wet tissues… an interesting mix within the bag!

About 10 of my colleagues are expected to run the 21K (up from 7 from last year). There were 2 more who dropped out due to injuries.


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