All set for Singapore Marathon

Its time to leave for entering the unchartered waters of Singapore Marathon. Just a couple of days now for putting to peace the unrest which was triggered in August. Its has been 4 months of practice, a lot of hard work for sowing the seeds, and finally the time for reaping the harvest.

I still fear whether the 33km I did in practice would hold my legs for the 42km journey. I still fear if that 6:24 pace is going to eat my legs a little short of the magic mark. It is really swimming in unchartered waters, and I have to see if I am able to come out dry. Anything under 5:00 hr would probably still be good, but not good enough.

I am sure that the early start at 5:30 am (did I hear the Mumbai marathon organizers snore) would be a big boost. 40,000 runners, a flat course, great atmosphere would all help me to keep going.


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