Congratulations to Bangalore Ultra Marathon runners

Hey, you guys created history by running the Bangalore Ultra Marathon, the first ultra event organized in India, by RFL, the group from Bangalore. Congratulations to the organizers for doing an excellent job, I have been following the progress on this event for the last 1 year since it was announced (yes, the confirmed date for this run was announced 1 year back!). And don’t ever confuse this event with the sick Bangalore marathon, an event which is announced at least 3-4 times in the year and still remains unlikely to happen.

Event website:

These guys were amazing… both the runners and organizers. People were running the 26km, 52km and the 78km routes… and one guy topped it all by running the 104km (it was a 13km loop dirt track). I have read a lot of amazing stories… but this one tops them all. I read a few blogs on the experience from the event from runners which I would like to share with the readers.

* Girish (78K)
* Swaroop (26K)
* Manoj (78K)
* Shantanu (52K)
* Hari (52K)

Great going guys… keep it going!


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