Interesting run this weekend

I did a long run after a gap of two weeks, primarily because I was out of town for the last two weekends. Around 13-14 people gathered at Nehru Park (Chanakyapuri, Delhi) (of which there were 4 of us from the DelhiRunners group, and we started the run by 6:30 am. This was a mixed group lead by the veterans Sunita Godara and Subhash Chand Khatri.

We did a lap of the Nehru Park (3K) and then went out towards the so called “Jungle”, a forested area with dirt trail for running. It was a unique experience running on this route, with a lot of hay lying on the track (since this route is also used for training horses). The hay also requires more strength since it makes the surface softer and you have to dig deeper. The trail was 5KM long, and so was the route leading upto the trail. So, overall it was an 18KM run for me. It was also a great experience getting some words of wisdom from the experienced runners around me.


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