Sunfeast World 10K Bangalore Run announced!

After waiting a long time for the announcement, I finally got to hear about this run today. The 10K run will take place on May 18th (originally May 25th). The run is being organized by Procam, the same people who organize the Vodafone Delhi Half marathon and the Mumbai Marathon.

So, we can hope to see one of the most organized middle distance race for the masses ever held in India. Since there is a big total prize money of $150,000 USD, we can also hope to see some of the world’s best at this event.

Event website:

Bangalore TOI report: Report

Following runs will be part of this event:

  • World 10 K Elite Men
  • World 10K Elite Women
  • Senior Citizens’ Run (4 Km)
  • Wheelchair Event (4 Km),
  • Open 10K Run
  • Majja Run (5.7 Km)

Online registrations are open. I have already registered for this, next I need to get myself back to the full training schedule.


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