Boston Marathon and Lance Armstrong

Today we will see the 112th edition of the Boston Marathon. I hope to follow this closely, and would try to catch the webcast from the official website. In particular, I would be interested in following the progress of Lance Armstrong. Lance, 36, has already done a couple of marathons after getting done with his cycling.

New York Marathon 2007 : 2:46:43
New York Marathon 2006 : 2:59:36
Boston Marathon 2008 : 2:50:58

Lance hopes to do the Boston in under 3 hours today, as mentioned in a Boston Globe interview.

What do others think on how fast can Lance run the 26.2? Here are a few opinions posted at Runners World:

“…So how fast could Armstrong cover 26.2 miles? His coach, Carmichael, says, “Lance will probably rip me when he hears this, but I don’t think he’d run faster than 2:30 to 2:40.” Allen says 2:20 to 2:30. Lucia says sub-2:20 but not sub-2:10. “What are those guys thinking?” asks Swain. “With his aerobic engine, Lance could run 2:10 or better.”

[Update]: Lance does a 2:50 at Boston! The amazing story continues!

His overall position was 488. The race was won by Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya with a time of 2:07:46 (his 4th Boston win). Sunita Williams, the astronaut, also finished this run in 4:20. And yes, I was able to connect to the live webcast and see the finish online!


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