Summer time in Delhi

And as always, this is the time where running frequency goes down, or ceases altogether. For the last several weeks, for one thing or another, I have been out of town, and which resulted in a lot of missed weekend runs. Weekday runs are totally off, but I still have some motivation to keep going. At least keep doing those long runs over the weekends, and if that keeps me excited, try to do some weekday runs. Bangalore 10K is just a month away now (May 18th as per the latest announcement), and I have my doubts on whether I will go or not.

I am also trying to do something besides running this summer… like playing Badminton. I went to the courts after about 8 months, and I found myself unexpectedly lively, probably due to some residual fitness coming from all the running. I think if I can manage a long run, and some sports in a week, that would be great for keeping me in shape for the next running season.


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