Adidas Sundown Marathon, Singapore

I read about this unique event held recently (May 31st, 2008) in Singapore city. It had Marathon (42K) and an Ultramarathon (84K) as the main events, with both starting late in the evening. The Ultra guys probably ran it from after sunset to post sunrise. Amazing!!!!

What really stood out was the level of participation in such a unique event. I could estimate about 3500 participants in the Men’s marathon and about 250 odd in the Ultra Men’s. Even the Women’s marathon had 850 runners for the midnight event!!!

Thats amazing, absolutely amazing. In India, even at the biggest marathon events (Mumbai), a paltry 1000-1500 turn up for the 42K, Singapore really stands out head and shoulders above, comparatively.

Here’s a review of the event by one of the runners: Collin Yeo’s blog


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