Hyderabad Hi-Tech Trail Marathon on Aug 16

I have started thinking about doing the 42K at this event. In fact, I am thinking about doing the following runs:

Hyderabad Runners and Hyderabad 10 K Foundation are organizing the Hyderabad Hi-Tech Trail Marathon on August 16th 2008.


  • Full Marathon (42K)
  • Half Marathon (21K)
  • Intermediate Marathon (30K)

The route is partly road and partly off-road (trail), passing through the Hi-Tech City area. For registrations and other details check out the RFL website. Entries limited to 300 runners.

There will be medals and certificates for finishers, but I doubt if there will be any chip-timing system in place, which was introduced recently for the Hyderabad Half-marathon 2007.

Update[25/6/08]: Okay, I think the Hi-Tech plan was too temperamental, and now that I take my time to think about it, not the best idea. So, maybe KTM is the way to go for the first 42K of this season.


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