Beginning of training for the season

After going through a lot of pain for not starting my training for the upcoming runs till now, I finally made up my mind to start with an intermediate run of about 8K this Sunday. The evening was perfect for running, cool after some rain in the daytime, though a bit humid. I ran as if I was just continuing from last year. The first 1.5KM was slow and easy, and then I settled on a comfortable pace for the next 6.5KM. The only problem is that I have this small pain in my ankle, which has been there for about a month now, barely noticeable during the day, but I can feel it in the mornings. I hope that regular running might just fix it, since rest did not.

I intend to follow the Furman FIRST program for VDHM 2008. Thats 3 days running and 2 cross-training days a week. The 21K plan is 18weeks, but I don’t think I would be able to dive into the plan in the first month, since it really needs some conditioning which will take me at least a month to build up before I start with that.

BTW, all Furman FIRST programs are available online at:


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