Mumbai marathon 2009 registrations open

Surprise, surprise! This year these guys have started the registrations well over 6 months in advance of the actual event (Jan 18th, 2009). It seems like they have picked up the sweet spot of 200 days before the run date to launch their online registration system.

Important: Use Internet Explorer to register. I have had problems with Firefox. I don’t know if this is fixed now.

This is more in line with what we see at the international stage where registrations start much earlier, unlike Delhi and Mumbai where they generally start about 3-4 months before the event. It would be good if these guys also start the race earlier, that 7:30 am start does not do much to enhance their image anywhere. A 6:00 am marathon start should be good.

Vodafone guys… what are you waiting for?

Update [Jul 8]: I have registered for this run. Lets burn some rubber!

I also loved the concepts discussed in the book I am currently reading Runners World: Run Less, Run Faster. It talks about running just 3 days a week (higher quality), and do 2 days cross-training. I think this will help me a lot, not only to improve my 21K timings, but also in helping me complete the 42K running.


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