Running updates, and where the heck is Airtel?

The last few days have seen very little running for me. For one, its been very busy days at work, and this is likely to continue through August. The thing with work is that when there is lots of it, the mind simply switches off from other things to focus on whats most important. At least thats true for me. So, no running on weekdays.

My weekends have recently been going playing badminton, and this reaches its peak around July-Aug timeframe when we have a corporate badminton tournament organized by Eventus here in Delhi. Running and playing gets just about too much during the same weekend, where one of the things suffers due to the other. Last week I ran a 5K in the evening and went to play the next day in the morning, and lost two straight games to guys I don’t lose often to. So, maybe I will just play Badminton over the coming few weekends and then it is back to running. Anyway, Badminton is one of the most tiring games out there and would probably help me in keeping my fitness.

Finally, no new news on the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon front. Seems like the calm before the storm. I wonder what these guys are planning, I would expect the event to be formally launched before the I-Day.


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