Bangalore Ultra on Nov 16th

India’s only ultra running event is coming back for its second run.

This time around, the events are 25K, 50K, 75K, and for the first time, 100K. I just checked up the website, and the number of registered participants till date are (figures in brackets indicate participation in 2007 run):

25K: 189 (151)
50K: 78 (71)
75K: 18 (16)
100K: 4 (1)
Unknown distance: 27

It looks like the participation figure is not too different from that of last year, though higher. It is always fun to follow special runs of these kinds in India.

It is worth mentioning the names of the 100K runners, since it is such a rare breed:

Jacob Boopalan (2007 78K winner)
Mukesh Singh (2007 78K 1st runner)
Rajat Chauhan (the only 2007 100K runner)
Ravi Kaklaskaria

Hats off to these guys, and best of luck.

Update: 315 runners took part in the 2008 event. Some reviews for the event from fellow bloggers after the run:


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