Exciting days ahead

Its getting tense and quite edgy as days go by. Just a few days to go for the CRY Cadence Corporate Citizenship Challenge (5Cs), where I will be participating in Badminton. The practice has not been exactly great, but I am looking forward to the carnival like atmosphere at Modern school, with 45 member teams coming from 16 companies. That makes it 720 participating people alone, and one hell of a crowd.

Meanwhile, runs for Mumbai marathon are going more or less on track. Missed the big one this weekend, but hope to be back to regular training again. It is really difficult to devise a strategy for the run, and I have been thing of some ways:
1. Do an even 1st and 2nd 21Ks, only running
2. Go all out for the first 21K, and then walk/run the rest
3. Follow a run/walk strategy with a 6:1 split

Currently, I am biased towards the third. I will try this in some of my long runs, and see how am I holding up, and then decide.


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