Running Log: Dec 14, 2008

Distance: 32.2 KM
Time: 4:18 hrs

Was a tough run, started late in the day due to some engagements. The problem with the winters is that no matter what time you run, you still do not get that level of heat you expect when doing something like the Mumbai marathon.

I started off with the hope that if things stay well, I might as well run 42K today. However, when it comes to running a marathon, any statement made without before the 30K mark is essentially just a fantasy and nothing more. Its only when you cross certain boundaries that you realize what you are into, and that’s when the facts of the matter stare you in the face. So, I did what I had initially started to do, and finished the 32K. My back was really hurting towards the end, and that craving to take a small walking break was always present to be fought against. The left foot also had a bit of a pain but not too much trouble there.

Now that the first of the 30K+ runs is done, I have to make sure that I do a couple more of these before Mumbai. I will try for a 39K (or more) run on Nov 28th, and then try to squeeze in another 30K+ sometime later.



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