Running Log: Nov 30, 2008

Distance: 26K
Time: about 2:45

I had missed doing my planned 26K run the previous week, so this weekend was the time to make amends, and continue to build the momentum towards Jan 18th. Did this run on my regular Sec 62, Noida route. I started at 7:30 am and it was cold, and it remained cold for about a couple of hours more. I guess I have to start even later to come close to the expected heat.

The first lap was done extra hard, to push myself that bit more, and I did it in below 40 min, which was just about a 6/km pace. That is like my best half marathon pace, but run without enough practice. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th laps were as expected slower, in the range of 42-45 mins. I was completely done after the 4th round.

I am planning to hit 30+ distances at least thrice before the Mumbai run.


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