Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2009

Some early reviews of the event from the blogger community:

Shumit runs a PR in the Half
Neuromancer does a 42K PR
Dave writes about his interesting experiences as a volunteer (and some videos too)
Rohit does a PR in his 3rd Half marathon
Gargoyle follows the run from a distance (and the award for most beautiful smile!)
Subramanyam runs his longest 21K
Magic runs her first 5K
Pravin does a 5K (and comments on lackluster organization)

News coverage and results: Bangalore Mirror

(1) Yaread Hasku (Ethiopia) 3.19 mins
(2) Vikas Kumar Kasana (India) 3.43 mins
(3) Honda Yasuhiro (Japan) 4.06 mins

(1) Shilpa Narayan (India) 4.15 mins
(2) Dr. Amrita Mitra (India) 4.27 mins

Half Marathon(Men)
(1) Ermiyas Negatu (Ethiopia) 1.05 mins
(2) P Nagendra Rao (India) 1.07 mins
(3) Lidtu Tekelu (Ethiopia) 1.08 mins

Half Marathon(Women)
(1) Elsa Sisay (Ethiopia) 1.25 mins
(2) Yamini Upadhyay (India) 2.05 mins
(3) Meher D’Mello (India) 2.09 mins

Strangely, with TOI as the title partner for the event, there seems to be no news on the run even in the Bangalore TOI edition for Jan 12th. I checked the ePaper, and nothing there. I doubt if the results would actually appear on the official website anytime soon in the future.


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  1. I ran the marathon but i do not know the result. No results on the website or any where. The timing partner mentioned on the website is timing planet. Results is not updated so far. Bad for a runner. Have to wait and see when the result will be shown

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