Celebrities to watch out for at Mumbai Marathon

Celebrities get their own share of publicity when it comes to events like marathons, and its no wonder that there are always loads of them at any such event in India, ranging from film stars, businessmen, politicians of all color, and sports personalities.

But what I am really interested in are those who are doing the real stuff at these marathons, which means the 21K and the 42K, because that’s where you know who spent the months on training for this and who were the ones who came for their morning walks and media (and not to forget, cause/charity). Here they are:

  1. Milind Soman (Going for the 42K after running 21Ks over the last few years, 1:39 PR in 21K)
  2. Anil Ambani (regular 21K runner at Mumbai, #9999 permanently assigned to him)
  3. Gul Panag (she’s been running the 21K since inception)

Please provide your comments if you know of any other big-shots who are doing the 21K or 42K.

Post race update:

  • Milind Soman : 4:47:45 (gross time)
  • Anil Ambani : ***no results*** though there is a ‘Ami Ambani’ with 2:06:45 (-do-)
  • Gul Panag : 2:32:46 (-do-)

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