Traveling and Tapering

It has been a hectic period for me starting from about the last 12 days of 2008 and now the first 9 days of 2009. Have been traveling a lot, but have also tried to put in those long runs without a miss. I did the 20K a week after running the Mawana marathon, and felt a bit of pain in the knee for a couple of days after the run. Fortunately, that went away completely. No weekday runs for what, almost about a month now! That’s crazy going into the Mumbai marathon… but I do not seem to be particularly worried about that. I have done my best in 21Ks by just training on weekends! Not that this can be recommended to others.

This weekend, I am planning to put in anything from 14K to 20K and maybe a few shorter runs the next week just to stay in shape. I just hope that Delhi has a few hot days in which I can do my long runs to acclamatize with the Mumbai weather (though I guess I will not be able to fake it that much in Delhi… these two places are really a world apart).


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