Result: Nagpur International Marathon, Jan 29, 2009

As the marathon fever spreads across India, it is not surprising to hear about events happening at places where you least expect. International athletes running a 2:18 marathon in the town of Nagpur in Maharashtra, that’s amazing!

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Men: Marathon:
1. Adugnga Tola Gomeda (ETH) 2.18.29
2. Wellay Amare (ETH) 2.18.30
3. Desdary Lucian Hombo (KEN) 2.18.39

Women: Half Marathon:
1. Agnes Karunge Mutane (KEN) 1.13.33
2. Jain Muia (KEN)
3. Kavita Raut (IND)

29 foreign athletes participated in this event. The total prize money for the run was Rs 37 lakh and the event receieved 11,000 entries.

News courtesy PTI


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