Marathon buzz: Bangalore marathon on May 18th?

When the news about a marathon breaks out with a story on a Bollywood actress, take it with a pinch of salt. If the story is coming from Bangalore, add more salt, and on top of that, if Crossover is associated with it, well, you can probably pour some of the salt on top of your head and just forget about it.

The news is that actress Deepika Padukone will be the face of the Bengaluru marathon, going to be held on May 18th (Monday?). Here are a couple of news sources, here and here. Well, I have yet to hear about Crossover’s association with this event, so maybe there is hope yet.

To be fair to Bangalore, it is also boasts one of the most organized running environment in the country, with the Runners for Life group doing some great work, including the recently organized Feet on the Street monthly run.

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