Use Google Maps directions to reach that new runnning route!

Its been a couple of days that I discovered that Google had enabled Get Directions for their Google India maps. This means, you can enter any starting and destination locations on their website ( ), and they automatically draw the shortest/best route on the map.

Below is an example route drawn by the software from Indirapuram in Ghaziabad to Nehru Park (my favorite running route) in Chanakyapuri. The distance comes out to be 21KM. If I drag the route to take me via the Noida Delhi DND, the distance becomes 29KM. Now I know which way to go:

This kind of service is already available from , but when it comes to usability, Google is the King! Once the route is drawn, you can easily drag points on the route to select alternative routes, very smart implementation. Also, I tried the exact same thing using the Google Maps software on my mobile, and that works well too. I suspect that this thing has been turned on for India very recently, maybe just a few days back (unless someone points out that this is not the case).


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