Fun at Ultimate Challenge 6K Run in Ghaziabad

It was a great week in terms of some consistent running. I ran five straight days for probably the first time in a few years (hope this continues). It was probably in 2005 that I was giving this sort of effort to running, when going for the first Hutch Delhi Half Marathon (which later became Vodafone and now Airtel), my first race ever. The first time is always special, and it is very difficult to keep that momentum when you are doing the same things over and over again, and running is no different, at least for me.

This week, my running kicked off (after about 4 weeks layoff due to the calf injury) on Wednesday, when the weather was at its best after the rains, and it was really chilly in the evenings. I was just hoping that the calf would stay okay, unlike previous few weekend runs where I would start feeling the hurt within a couple of kilometers.

And today, I was just going to take it easy at the 6K run in Ghaziabad. It was held around the Central Park in Raj Nagar, organized by Shakti Rathore, a veteran marathoner himself. The run started about 8:15 am and it was a bit hot, 3 loops of 2K around the park which I completed in 31:53, at a pace of about 5:18 min/km, which was a real delight for me, with the limited practice. There were around 75-80 runners in the 6K, and many more in the 2K runs. There were medals and trophies for the winners, and a holiday package to Kullu Manali as well!


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