BSA Hercules Duathlon 2009 Results: 17 year old Bharath wins

India’s first ever Duathlon (cycling + running) event happened on Sunday, June 14th, and saw a total of 322 participants battle it out. There were two events on the day:

  • 10k run + 20k cycling (5k run + 20k cycle + 5k run)
  • 5k run + 10k cycling (2.5k run + 10k cycle + 2.5k run)

The event was organized by Runners for Life, Bangalore (event website, and was unique in that it gave an opportunity for runners to try out their cycling skills, and for cyclists to test their mettle against the runners. Bangalore has a great community of runners and cyclists, and this was a perfect platform for both the communities to get together and have fun.

Complete results for all participants here.

The winners for the various events and categories are as follows:

Results: 10k run + 20k cycling:

  • Men’s Open – Bharath KA (1:24:37)
  • Women’s Open – Joshine Antony (1:48:44)
  • Men’s Senior – Ashok Nath (1:31:11)
  • Women’s Senior – Juju Grieve (2:18:35)

Results: 5k run + 10k cycling:

  • Men’s Open – Siddharth Kansal (48:20)
  • Women’s Open – Tiiu Vail (1:01:09)
  • Men’s Senior – Suresh Pathi (55:53)
  • Women’s Senior – Usha Mani (01:38:01))

Some reviews and updates on the event from blog world:
Jayadeep does the 5K+10K in 1:10

Dharmendra does the 10K + 20K in 1:44
Sumil does the 10K + 20K in 1:54
Sathish does the 10K + 20K in 1:58
Krupakar does the 10K + 20K in 2:09 (and then cracks a good joke too!)
Srinivas does the 10K + 20K in 2:10

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