Urban Stampede 2009 on Aug 22nd

Urban Stampede is one of those innovative ideas from Runners for Life group in Bangalore, an event management company specializing in organizing running events. Some of their events which are now part of the regular calendar are the Bangalore Ultramarathon, the Kaveri Trail Marathon, the Bangalore Duathlon, and the monthly Feet on the Street runs for beginners. 

Event website: www.urban-stampede.com

Urban Stampede is a corporate relay run, where different company teams face off against each other for the title of the “Fastest running corporate team” in the country. Each teams is of 4 persons with each person running 5 kms. The team runs a total of 20 kms.

Some more details of the event from the organizers:

Categories: Open, Women and Mixed teams.

  • Date: Sat 22 August 2009
  • Venue: Olde Bangalore Resort (www.oldebangalore.in)
  • Start time: 6AM
  • Registration fee: Rs 5000/- for Team 1 from a company. Additional teams from the same company pay Rs 3000/- each. So if 2 teams from a company take part it would cost Rs. 8000/- (5000 + 3000). The registration fee is paid by the company.
  • Last date for registrations: 13 Aug 2009.

The event is also open to non-corporate teams with reduced registration fee of Rs 2,000.


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