As ADHM 2009 approaches, Delhi gets running!

It is just about 10 days to go for the launch of the 5th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in the media. The event launch is to take place on August 27th, and the run is on Nov 1st. The registrations to the event will start immediately after the event launch.

Keeping up with the spirit of the marathon, a couple of events are coming up in Delhi. Both the events are amateur in nature, organized for runners/bikers by runners/bikers, kind of running/biking community get together. Incidentally, the venue for both the events is the most popular running location in Delhi … Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri.

  1. Delhi Duathlon – Aug 23rd (Sun)

    Time: 5:45 am
    Run (2.75K) – Cycle (16K) – Run (2.75K) format

  2. 1st Delhi Runners (DR) Half Marathon – Aug 29th (Sat)

    Time: 5:45 am
    Run: 21K
    Group website:
    Info: This is the 1st run of a monthly half marathon series

Interested folks can confirm their registration by clicking on the event links above (Facebook events, so you need to have a Facebook account for that), and for the DR Half Marathon, a confirmation form is also provided on the event website


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