Bangalore Ultramarathon & Kaveri Trail Marathon coming up

As the running season unfolds in India, two of the most anticipated events on the calendar have been announced by Runners for Life, the Bangalore based group. I can say without any doubts, and with the reference of so many delighted runners, that these are one of the most organized runs in the country, not quite upto the level of the SCMM or ADHM in numbers, but very well done, and thats what matters.

The Kaveri Trail Marathon (KTM) has a 10K run, half marathon and the marathon. The Kaveri Trail Marathon is a picturesque but tough trail marathon conducted in Srirangapatnam, on the banks of the river Kaveri. It’s an event that is slowly and steadily gaining popularity among long distance runners in South India. With a canal from the river Kaveri flowing right next to the trail throughout the route, it is one of the most amazing trail routes to run in Karnataka. But the humidity and the heat of the area also make it a very tough route to run.

The Bangalore Ultramarathon will have 25K, 50K, 75K, and those who really want to go beyond, the 100K distance. At the Bangalore Ultra, runners can pick any distance (the favoured one is 50 km) provided they manage it within the 12 hours that the course is open. The distances in an Ultra Marathon (up to 100 km) are truly testing and the event attracts runners for whom the only competition is against themselves. That is why the tagline of the Bangalore Ultra is “It’s Tough. Are you?

Registrations for both the events are open. Click on the event websites listed above to register.


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