Comrades Marathon 2010: 300 days to go!

Comrades Marathon: Worlds largest ultramarathon, and 89 kilometers of joy!

Well actually, its only 297 days to go, but hey, I was just 3 days late in writing this post, and 300 looks cool in the title, so why not :). Anyway, the fact is that the time is running out fast. It was not too long back when I decided upon doing this, and started training with about 13 months to go, and here we are, not even 10 months now.

Less than a month remains to Sep 1st, when the registrations start for the previous Comrades participants (for first timers, registrations start Nov 1st). I am also excited about the rolling out of a brand new website design for the event website in September. Frankly, the existing design looks particularly bland and dull, and I really want to see more energy, more style, and more enthusiasm in the look.

As for my personal training progress in July, well there was none. I have been undergoing treatment for lower back pain at Back 2 Fitness, and though the pain (or rather discomfort) has not reduced considerably, the strengthening exercises would probably help me in the long run, and avoiding any injuries going ahead. I did my first run after more than a month today, a slow and easy 5K. The pain does not bother me in my running, which is good.

I also got updates from African Link Tours, the official tour operators for Comrades marathon 2010. Below is the price summary for their various packages.

(single/twin sharing)
Beach Hotel / Flights R 4740 / R 3740
3 nights + flights + transfers
Tropicana Hotel / Flights R 4920 / R 3990
3 nights + flights + transfers
Hilton Hotel / Flights R 8160 / R 5820
3 nights + flights + transfers
Beach Hotel /Accommodation only R 1620 / R 1080
3 nights
Tropicana Hotel / Accommodation only R 1800 / R 1230
3 nights
Hilton Hotel / Accommodation only  R 5040 / R 3060
3 nights


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