My Comrades Marathon 2010 Video – The First Stab

Well, finally I was able to download all the clips of me at the various checkpoints along the way at the Comrades Marathon (from the Comrades website). I combined them together into one and included a few snaps of me as well, and voila, I had created my first video! The quality is not great, due to the various format conversions and editing involved, and maybe someday I will sit on this again and try to do a better job. Meanwhile, enjoy my first video, it had to be Comrades!


10 thoughts on “My Comrades Marathon 2010 Video – The First Stab”

  1. Superb!!!…though, I have already conveyed my hearty congrats to you at so many occasions but…but, I can’t stop my heart & my heart say you THANK YOU, TANVIR!!! Thank you very much for making all of us feel proud of you!!! Let me follow the footprints of seniors like you!…>:D<…:)


  2. Hi Tanvir! Yes, you have a good memory! I have guaranteed entry to the 2010 NYC marathon. Woohoo! This May a group of friends and I tried a relay for the first time. It was 185 miles over 26 hours in NY. It was so much fun we are doing another one in September. Here is a little video we made: Your Comrades experience has truly inspired me, so this November I am planning to run the JFK 50 miler, one of the oldest ultra-marathon in the US. I am excited and also a little anxious! Run on Tanvir!

  3. Awesome video Tanvir! This wasn’t the year for me to run Comrades, but watching your video gets me all teary-eyed when I think of how it must have felt to be a part of it. Congrats again and thank you for sharing your ultra-running experience!

    1. Thanks Reiko! Actually, I need to do more with the video, frankly, the quality is quite bad. So, whats your running calendar like nowdays. I remember the last time you were here, you were running the NYC if my memory serves me right? Did you make it through for this years NYC lottery?

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