Mumbai Marathon 2011 – Race Report

Mumbai is one place I would never like to miss for a marathon. The Mumbai Marathon in the largest running event in India, and has been accredited as an IAAF Gold Label Road Race. This year was my 4th Mumbai Marathon, and third in a row after my first one in 2006.

As has been the trend these days, since Comrades, running has been few and far between. The only big run since May was the 21K I did at ADHM in Nov. Since then, I did three 1-hour runs, and one 1/2 hour run, so that was all my training mileage. I was going to Mumbai more as a family vacation and less as a marathon, though I was hoping secretly that I would try to do a sub 5 hour run (which would be really something after doing just a 4:54 something in the middle of Comrades training).

I started with a set pace which would take me to the halfway mark within my target time of 2.5 hours. First 10K went in 1:10, 20K was hit at 2:23, halfway in 2:30, 30K in 3:38. It took an additional 1:45 to do the remaining 12K and during which I was running at the slowest pace possible. All significant climbs were taken up walking. As always, the second half of Mumbai tends to get a bit hot, and this year was no different.

Hope I can be back to sub 5 next year.

Improvement in this years event:

  • Better hydration – well spaced and well stocked water stops with frequent energy drinks as well (Lucozade)
  • For the first time, a finisher’s medal for Half Marathon finishers
  • An even earlier start of 6:15 from last years early start of 6:45

Official Finish Time: 5:24:52 (net)


2 thoughts on “Mumbai Marathon 2011 – Race Report”

  1. Hi Tanvir,

    I believe you are running as a pace setter in SCMM 2012. I intend to finish my run under 5:30 as this is my first time. I have dropped in an email on ur id mentioned on the website. Pls advice on the way forward.

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