TomTom Spark On Sale At Starting May 29th

TomTom SparkThis is really great news. Like I mentioned in our earlier TomTom Spark review post, this one is a really value option in the running market currently, vis a vis the cost/feature comparison. Well, on May 29th, these watches will be $50 off on, as part of a sale weekend. Grab your pick from the following:

TomTom Spark GPS (base): $99 (was $149)
TomTom Spark GPS with Music: $149 (was $199)
TomTom Spark GPS with Optical HR sensor: $149 (was $199)
TomTom Spark GPS with Optical HR & Music: $199 (was $249)

IMG_20160515_120146 (1)Why Buy TomTom Spark from

You can get these watches shipped directly from to India, via the international shipping option. How much do you save doing so, versus buying it in India from say, you ask? Here’s the math:

I checked this for the basic TomTom Spark model listed currently for $149.98 on Adding to the cart showed an additional charge of $29.99 for shipping and handling, so about 20% over the listed price. Total cost: $180.

Cost in India of the same watch on is currently Rs 11,899/-. Buying from US store will cost us $180, or Rs 12,121/-, almost same as price. But when you add the $50 discount, this will become $130, so, Rs 8,755/-. Now that’s some serious money saved (about Rs 3,000) over the India rates for this sale period.

If you are looking to get a decent GPS watch, well, this is a great time to go for one!


2 thoughts on “TomTom Spark On Sale At Starting May 29th”

  1. Hi Tanvir,
    Have you ever imported a watch earlier? I guess you are forgetting custom duty, which is huge. Please apply that and your discount will vanish.

    1. Amresh, yes, I have imported several items from Amazon before. Incidentally, they used to tell the tax component upfront earlier, strange that they no longer do so. Here’s an old listing for TomTom Runner on Amazon:

      Price $ Shipping $ P + S Tax $ Total $ Tax % Converted INR Price
      TomTom Runner GPS 99.99 7.91 107.9 33.34 141.24 30.90 9462.37

      This shows shipping cost as just $7.91 while for Spark it is shown as a very high $29.99. Seems very strange, and like you said, not a value option now.

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