Comrades Marathon 2016 Live – Right Here, Right Now

Watch the live broadcast of the 2016 Comrades Marathon (91st edition), being broadcast by SABC News. The event kicks off at 5:30 am local time this Sunday, May 29th, starting at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall and will end at Kingsmead Stadium in Durban. It’s a down run this year. Some event stats:

  • 21,532 registered participants
  • 19,626 runners from South Africa
  • 97 registered participants from India

Enjoy the 12 hours of excitement!


Indian Runners at 2012 Comrades Marathon – Live Blog

This is the live blog to track the progress of Indian Runners at the 2012 Comrades Marathon, an 89.17KM ‘down run’ from Pietermaritzburg to Durban taking place on June 3rd. 2012 sees a very large Indian contingent comprising of 31 registered runners at the Comrades, the highest ever since 2010, the year I took part as well, and which had 8 participants and 7 finishers from India.

The race starts at 5:30am (India time 9:00 am), and runners can only be tracked after they pass the first timing point, between 1.5 and 3.5 hours into the race. The event starts at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall at 05:30, is run over 89km (56 miles) to end at the Sahara Kingsmead Stadium in Durban and most participants will take the larger part of the day to complete the distance, with an official cutoff of 12 hours (i.e. IST 9:00 pm).

Note: You can update this sheet! Please check instructions at the bottom of the page.

Instructions for updating this sheet

If you are following the race of your friends online as well, and see that they have crossed certain checkpoints and their results for those checkpoints are now available, you are free to update the results in the above sheet very easily. First, to see the live results of any person listed above on the Comrades website, simply click on the “Link” after their name in the sheet above. Then, just click on this link, and update the results.

Feel free to add your comments below, your thoughts on how folks above are doing, any interesting anecdotes about these runners, etc. It will be good fun for all of us here.

Comments from Comrades India Facebook Group

Danny Carroll
Many congrats to everyone who entered comrades this year, getting to the start is a great achievement, anf getting to the finish line is no joke!

Tanvir Kazmi
Results summary for all Indian starters at Comrades 2012.

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YouToo CanRun Great data. Thanks
12 hours ago via mobile · Like

Sunil Chainani

balaji makes it with 2 minutes to spare…2 minutes he will never forget!!
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Tanvir Kazmi Go Balaji Subramanian, great job done!
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Randeep Singh Arora Awesome all u guys.are heroes
Sunday at 10:31pm via mobile · Like

Tanvir Kazmi
Finally, a truly momentous day for India. Flag flying high all over. These runners really did us proud, even the ones who could not make it to the finish line in time, I wish them more Comrades in the future!
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Priya Vaidyanathan Thanks Tanvir Kazmi and everyone who posted about our bravehearts….second year I am watching this live….congrats and cheers to all…Chak De India at Comrades!!!
Sunday at 9:26pm · Like

Randeep Singh Arora Super proud. jai hind
Sunday at 10:29pm via mobile · Like

Varun S Joshi
Thank u to everyone for tuning in. Esp Tanvir n VP. congrats to all the finishers n bravo to all those attempted but couldn’t finish this year. My best for next year.
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YouToo CanRun
Dr Oak is a DNF…so sad..he trained so well with Roshni Rai
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Sunil Chainani
Salute the 18 finishers; and spare a thought for the 5 who fought bravely….all you guys are heroes
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Tanvir Kazmi
Vivek Prasad 11:58:28, 1.5 mins to spare. The closest ever Indian to the cutoff!
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Sunil Chainani
Amit and neepa make it in 11.57.40/41 and Vivek with 91 seconds to spare – brave guys!!
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Tanvir Kazmi
The Sheths are in at 11:57:40
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Tanvir Kazmi
Vineeta Singh in 11:56:36
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Varun S Joshi
Roshni makes it in 11:50… Way to go !!
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Tanvir Kazmi
‎Ramani Easwaran comes in at 11:57:03. 3 minutes!
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Tanvir Kazmi
Alok Shukla makes it in with barely 5 mins to go in 11:54:40
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Priya Vaidyanathan
I saw Roshni Cross with tri colour!!!!!
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Tanvir Kazmi Wow, big congrats to her!
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Tanvir Kazmi There we have it, officially in 11:50:26
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Tanvir Kazmi
Lihas Trivedi meanwhile finishes in 11:49:00 . Roshni is in as the news are coming in. Time awaited.
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Tanvir Kazmi
Ramdas Pulapaka finishes in 11:48:0, Roshni Rai must be coming in any second.
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YouToo CanRun
Vaiju has come in next at 11:39:47…and is an amazing story.
Vaiju is one of the main reasons why I started the Sweat Rate study.

He had prepared well for the Comrades of last year but had to drop out since his wife was hospitalised. Then in the SCMM of 2012 he was a DNF due to cramping…which is when I felt that most Indian runners do not know their sweat rates and this problem must be solved.

See More
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Tanvir Kazmi
Vaijanath Kamthewad gets his first Comrades medal with a 11:39:47 finish!
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Tanvir Kazmi
‎Vishal Dua makes it in 11:36:45!
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Tanvir Kazmi He gets his second medal. Last year he ran 11:27.
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Tanvir Kazmi
Kaustubh Kesarkar finishes in 11:34:20, the first of the Vic Claphams!
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Tanvir Kazmi
Live results coming in think and fast. We already have 5 bronze medals. Now it is Vic Clapham time. Check these out
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YouToo CanRun
‎Amit B Sheth and Neepa cross the last cut off with 58 minutes to spare..another strong finish on its way
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YouToo CanRun
Vaiju, Roshini and Ramdas have crossed the last cut off with 7 kms to go and 1:10 to spare..headed for a strong finish
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YouToo CanRun
YAY..Pradeep Kadu does a 10:55:15 for another bronze
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Tanvir Kazmi Well deserved, and quite an achievement beating his 11:23 from last year!
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Tanvir Kazmi
‎Sushant Karkera finishes in 10:52:59 to bag a well deserved bronze! Thats two bronze medals in two years, fantastic! Its almost 11 hours now for the last of the bronze medals.
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Varun S Joshi Awesome buddy. Congrats!!
Sunday at 8:03pm via mobile · Like

Varun S Joshi
Roshni has crossed 7th n last cut-off of mayville 82.17km in 10:50. Just 7k left in 70mins. Go go go. Yahoo!
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YouToo CanRun
Samson clocks in at 10:47:47..3rd Indian..and his maiden attempt..with an injury that was almost threatening. Fantastic…a good birthday gift
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Priya Vaidyanathan
Gosh they should have these interviews as backdrop without disturbing the race viewing!!!!
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YouToo CanRun
Anand Patil comes in at 10:28:50..second Indian..cheers
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YouToo CanRun
Anand Patil, Samson sequera, Sushant Karkera, Pradeep Kadu all have a sub 11 finish in the same order….way to go..for Samson it is a first maiden run. Pradeep and Sushant were sub 12 last time…this time they too will be bronze

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Tanvir Kazmi
Breaking News! Satish Gujaran is just 7KM from the finish line. This will be his 3rd Comrades finish. His time at 82K is 8:53:26, so he is definitely going sub 10 this year for his fastest Comrades. Bronze medal is given to runners finishing beyond 9 hours and within 11 hours, which is surely his now! Go Satish!
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Priya Vaidyanathan AWESOME!!! rock on Satish Gujaran.
Sunday at 6:47pm · Like
Tanvir Kazmi We have 3 more at 7K to go! Sushant, Anand and Samson!
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YouToo CanRun
Satish Gujaran has done a 9:45:04 finish…fastest Indian
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Tanvir Kazmi Congrats Satish Gujaran! You have done it, an awesome sub 10!
Sunday at 6:54pm · Like

YouToo CanRun At an average pace of 6:56 this is indeed remarkable.
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YouToo CanRun
Wonder which is more tougher…Tanvir Kazmi..running the Comrades or tracking the team? At least when you are are focused only on running…but when you are tracking, you have the added guilt of having ignored the better half the whole day 🙂
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Sanjay Limaye Has Satish reached the finish line….?
Sunday at 6:45pm · Like

YouToo CanRun Best would be to ring him up and ask him..the website is rather slow in its updates
Sunday at 6:46pm · Like · 2

Tanvir Kazmi
Looks like the result updates are being rolled out very slowly online. I am sure some of our runners are already through the Cowies Hills at 71KM, but no updates yet.
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YouToo CanRun Yes..the data base is not getting updated on a concurrent basis…their runners are faster than their computers 🙂
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YouToo CanRun
Samson and Pradeep were running together at half way mark..Samson has speeded up and put in a 9 min gap between him and Pradeep Kadu at the 58 kms mark.

Roshini and Dr Oak were running together at half way mark and Roshini has picked up the pace and put in a 20 minute the Pedong express is really picking it up.

Amit B Sheth and Neepa are still honeymooning, running hand in hand 🙂
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Tanvir Kazmi
Most of the runners seem to be through the 3rd cutoff point. Just about 30 kms from here on, which should mean around 3:45 hours for most runners (few like Satish would obviously be much faster).
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Tanvir Kazmi Live results
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Tanvir Kazmi
Good news, we have a couple of more runners reaching Winston Park. Anand Patil and Sushant Karkera. Kaustubh Kesarkar expected anytime now as well.
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Tanvir Kazmi Samson Sequeira is in at 6:49:59.
Sunday at 4:13pm · Like

YouToo CanRun While Pradeep Kadu and Samson were running together at the half way mark, Samson has put in a 9 minute lead at the 58K mark…9+ minutes in 13 kms. Samson is picking up the pace…way to go…and inspite of his injury
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Tanvir Kazmi
How did the Indian runners do last year? Check it out! No prizes for guessing who was the first one at the finish line 🙂
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YouToo CanRun
Here are some stats on the Comrades contingent from India.
– Out of the 32 who show of them Nagesh Rao is actually an Indian from Canada who registers under the Indian quota 🙂
– And again Danny Caroll is an Australian who lives and works in India. He naturally runs and registers under the Indian quota too.
– Out of the 32, 8 are DNS..did not start
– In the 24 who are running today 3 are women…oops girls…way to go feminine power. They are Roshini, Neepa and Vineeta. Don’t know who Vineeta is.
– In the 24, 8 have run the race before and 16 are attempting it for the first time…to the best of my knowledge.
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YouToo CanRun All this without any Governament support 🙂 No politicians involved
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YouToo CanRun Private initiative of runners in India rulzz….:-)
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Priya Vaidyanathan
Thanks Tanvir Kazmi for accepting my request to join this group.
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Tanvir Kazmi
An interesting statistic – besides the top 4 runners (Satish, Anand, Kaustubh, Sushant), at the 2nd cutoff (halfway) rest of the Indian runners are separated by just 6 minutes)! That’s 17 runners very much bunched together!
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Tanvir Kazmi
‎Satish is through the 3rd cutoff point, Winston Park (58KM) in 6:03. That’s a solid 6:15 min/km pace with a predicted finish of around 9:30. His last years finish was 10:15.
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Tanvir Kazmi
Top 5 Mens finishers: 1. Mamabolo – 2. Mthembu – 3. Noto – 4. Mambo and 5. Shvetsov. First two from SA. Legend Shvetsov is fifth. Winner of last 3 Comrades ,Muzhingi 6th.
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YouToo CanRun
The first 5 at the half way mark are
Satish Gujaran from Mulund but who also lives and trains in SA
Kaustubh Kesarkar from Pune
Sushant Karkera from Andheri
and Pradeep Kadu and Samson Sequera who are both running together and trained together as part of TopGearMIG group from Mumbai.

See More
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Tanvir Kazmi
Still 30 mins to second cutoff at halfway point at Drummond (45km). All Indians have crossed it well in time, 2 are still awaited. Satish Gujaran the first one there in 4:26:09. Live results
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Tanvir Kazmi
The first cutoff at 26.77km saw Satish crossing first amongst the Indian runners in 2:34, with runners coming in bulk in 2:50’s and then 3:20’s. Last one to cross this mark was Swapnil Shendre in 3:40. All the best to all runners! Follow live at
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Tanvir Kazmi
Who is watching Comrades live video at
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Tanvir Kazmi
We should see Satish Gujaran hitting Camperdown (27KM) in another hour or so. He finished in 10:15 last year, so 27K should be hit in around 3 hours from start. He has been the fastest Indian at Comrades.
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Tanvir Kazmi
The Live Blog for runners from India at 2012 Comrades Marathon (June 3) is up now! We go live in about 7.5 hours from now (race starts 9:00 am India time).

Indian Runners at 2012 Comrades Marathon – Live Blog
Tracking the Indian Runners at the 2012 Comrades Marathon, an 89.17KM ‘down run’ from Pietermaritzburg to Durban taking place on June 3rd.
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Tanvir Kazmi
Did you know? 2012 Comrades has a 31 member contingent from India. Only very few countries had more representatives… USA, UK, Zimbabwe, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Canada!
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Indian Runners at Comrades Marathon 2011 – Live Blog

After running the Comrades Marathon last year, and realizing how much fun my friends had following our run over the web, this year its my turn to do the same. Hope you all enjoy the live updates for all the Indian Runners at the 2011 Comrades Marathon.

And we have our first finisher – Satish Gujaran finishes in 10:15:41!

All results now available. 10 Indian runners finished. 4 unfortunately did not make it. It was a fantastic day following the runs of all these stalwarts. The power situation in my apartment block was testing my patience, and I was really edgy. I am glad to say that many of the runners I had marked in the “red” zone went on to finish, and finish really strong, congratulations to them. There were 3 Bronze medal winners (finishing between 9 to 11 hours):

  • Satish Gujaran
  • Sushant Karkera
  • Abhijit Shome

and the rest of the finishers got the Vic Clapham medals (awarded for over 11 hour and under 12 hours finish).

So folks, it has been a great first 2 years for Indian Runners at Comrades, last year saw 7 finishers and this year we went to 10. I am sure in the years going ahead, we will see even greater interest in ultra running, and many more Comrades finishers from India.

Hope you all enjoyed the updates, till next time, Jai Ho!

Comrades Up Run Route

Comrades Track Your Runner 2011Watch Live Video of the Run

  • Satish Gujaran 29384
    16.86 – 01:50:21
    42.96 – 04:32:49
    60.66 – 06:51:12
    79.26 – 14:52:42
    86.96 – 10:15:41
  • Jacob Boopalan 23490
    16.86 – 01:32:47
    42.96 – 04:34:43
    60.66 – 07:13:35
    79.26 – 10:03:56
    86.96 – 11:12:46
  • Abhijit Shome 10796
    16.86 – 02:01:17
    42.96 – 05:11:46
    60.66 – 07:36:36
    79.26 –  10:00:30
    86.96 – 10:51:54
  • Sunil Chainani 37415
    16.86 – 02:03:37
    42.96 – 05:16:34
    60.66 – 07:51:06
    79.26 – 10:43:14
    86.96 – 11:53:20
  • Danny Carroll 58806
    16.86 – 02:03:54
    42.96 – 05:29:21
    60.66 – 08:05:27
    79.26 – 10:49:37
    86.96 – 11:55:00
  • Amit B Sheth 21548
    16.86 – 02:16:10
    42.96 – 05:50
    60.66 – 08:28:17
  • Neepa Sheth 33374
    16.86K – 02:16:39
    42.96 – 05:50
    60.66 – 08:24:43
    79.26 – 11:07:13
    86.96 – 11:56:36
  • Sushant Karkera 13034
    16.86 – 01:56:48
    42.96 – 05:01:58
    60.66 – 07:10:25
    79.26 – 09:53:27
    86.96 – 10:47:16
  • Pradeep Kadu 12137
    16.86 – 02:04:15
    42.96 – 05:18:38
    60.66 – 07:38:48
    79.26 – 10:21:05
    86.96 – 11:23:00
  • Vishal Dua 12986
    16.86 – 02:16:17
    42.96 – 05:42:54
    60.66 – 07:57:40
    79.26 – 10:26:58

    86.96 – 11:27:06
  • Ajit Oak – 12841
    16.86 – 02:06:40
    42.96 – 05:33:31
    60.66 – 07:59:27
    79.26 – 10:37:44
    86.96 – 11:34:12
  • Devashish Chakravarty 12385
    16.86 – 02:16:18
    42.96 – 05:47:12
    60.66 – 08:26:42
  • Ramdas Pulapaka 20963
    16.86 – 02:08:17
    42.96 – 05:39:26
    60.66 – 08:28:09
  • Vivek Prasad
    16.86 – 02:12:40

    42.96 – 06:01:20
    60.66 – 08:51:45

Note: Runners marked in Red above are in the danger zone. And running too close or above the required 8 mins/KM pace.

Tanvir Kazmi And the runner who surprised me the most – Neepa Sheth. In spite of her consistency and all that, I did not think she would finish, finish she did, in almost identical time as my last years time 11:56:36. My later analysis revealed that she ran at a 6:30/k pace for the last 7.7 KM. That is Amazing!

Tanvir Kazmi And I am back after a big power failure 🙂 Final results available for all runners on Congratulations to the 10 Indians who finished, and better luck next time for the 4 who could not make it. All of you gave your best!

Tanvir Kazmi Super congratulations to Satish! He finishes in 10:15:41 to be India’s first finisher for a 2nd successive time!

Tanvir Kazmi And the award for most consistent pacing goes to Abhijit Shome. He has consistently paced in the low to high 7/km range and he is actually ahead of Jacob and looking at a Bronze medal now. Super run, Abhijit! Hardly any change in pace from 60 to 80K.

Tanvir Kazmi followed by Jacob Boopalan just 10 minutes behind at 10:03:56. Last 8 KM on for these guys, its home run now!

Tanvir Kazmi Sushant Karkera hits 79K at 09:53:27 . Looks good to get that bronze medal for a sub 11 finish. Jacob remains, he might be the only other Indian to have a chance at bronze, for rest it would be Vic Clapham medal for finishing after 11 hours.

Tanvir Kazmi: Breaking – Satish hits Polly Shorts (no I dont mean that literally) at 7:13! Which means he is on pace at the 79K mark to finish within 10:30! Super going Satish!

Tanvir: A few words about Jacob now. I have never met him, but have known him for about 6 years now. In fact, he is among my first running connections since I started running back in 2005.  He used to have a running blog called Dead Toes during those days, though he never wrote much. I think he has been around Chennai and Bangalore most of his years, works for a Social Welfare organization, and runs a lot, even outside India. He came overall second in the 2010 Bangalore ultramarathon, where a women runner overtook him at the 97th kilometer! He is known as Mile Muncher on his mail alias.

Tanvir Kazmi From the archives – last years Comrades had 8 runners from India, with 7 finishing in time limit of 12 hours. Check it out at here.

Tanvir Kazmi Okay, now we have details of every India runner (14 in all) being tracked on the blog. Not sure if I am missing anyone. 7 runners in Red zone, i.e. running too close or above the target pace of 8 min/km required to finish this in time.

Tanvir Kazmi: At Satish’s current pace of 6.83/km, he looks good for a stupendous sub 10 hours run. That would be amazing. Last year Satish did 10:58 and he is the first Indian finisher ever in Comrades 85 year history

Tanvir: Ok, let me share some experiences while we wait for the results. Starting with Satish Gujaran from Mumbai. “Heck of a runner, gem of a person”, he is the craziest and the most down to earth person I have ever met. Every day at 4:30 am, we don’t even known what that time is, and Satish is up to catch a local to Mahalakshmi for his usual daily half marathon training run. Under the guidance of former Mumbai champ Leelamma, he has become one hardcore runner running on the rock solid mud tracks of Mahalakshmi. Last year, he ran a super race to grab that Bronze medal with a 10:58 finish, in-spite of swellings the size of tennis balls in his calfs. He became the first ever Comrades finisher from India, and our hero!

Tanvir Kazmi: Still to see anyone else reach Camperdown… come on guys!

Tanvir Kazmi: And our last years top finisher Satish Gujaran has reached Camperdown, 61KM in 06:51:12. Keep the flag flying high Satish!

Tanvir Kazmi: Amit and Neepa hit 43K in 05:50. Dangerously close, hope they keep it going.

Tanvir Kazmi: And while we are at it, Stephen Muzhingi of Zimbabwe secured his third straight Comrades Marathon title.

Tanvir Kazmi: Danny too reaches Drummond. Good at 05:29:21

Tanvir Kazmi: Woohoo, Abhijit and Sunil hit 43K! Abhijit – 05:11:46. Sunil – 05:16:34! Hunting in packs, are they.

Tanvir Kazmi: Neepa hit 17K in 2:16. The most consistent runner I have ever seen. She will rock the second half of the race.

Tanvir Kazmi: Abhijit has hit 17K in 2:01. Good going boys!

Tanvir Kazmi: Okay, I think they are showing the 17K mark as 27K. Now makes sense.

Tanvir Kazmi: Jacob and Satish are leading the way, and looks like almost running together. 44KM in 4:35.

Danny, Sunil, Amit have crossed 27K within minutes of each other in about 2:05. That number doesnt make sense though. Lets wait for them to hit the 44K and see.Neeraj Rohilla: Good luck to Indian contingent running Comrades.

Neeraj Rohilla Good luck to Indian contingent running Comrades.