16 km, and hurting!

As I reached the 16 km target for last weekends long run, I realised that it is going to be tough from here on. In my last run, tiredness was less of a factor than other discomforts like chaffing, etc. But this time, I felt fully drained out. This might be because the weather has been unusually hot for the last few days here in Delhi. I guess this might also be the time to start taking gels and bars stuff with what I usually take, Gatorade, as my running times go to 2-2.5 hrs.

BTW, I do my long runs in Nehru Park (Chanakyapuri, Delhi), an excellent place with very nice surroundings and a 2.75 km loop. As for the weekday runs, I manage in the sports stadium in Noida, a 1 km circle.


14 kms this weekend!

As per the schedule, I completed my first run at such a long distance. I would not say that I was totally exhausted at the end, but was uncomfortable with some soreness on chest and groin. I guess I may have to use some tapes or something to prevent this from happening, or get some expert advice. I continue to use Gatorade for replenishment during the run. Rest of the day, I just felt like relaxing in the bed and doing nothing.


Hutch Delhi Half Marathon 2005 (Oct 16)

Yesterday I registered for the Hutch Delhi Half Marathon, which is going to take place on Oct 16th. I registered through the SMS option, which I later realized was a big pain, answering one question after another on SMS. It would have been much better to simply register through their website. Anyway, this is going to be my first long distance running event, and I hope I can make this within 2 hours. I am sure this is going to be a big and well organised event, looking at the way it is being promoted in the media.


A hectic Badminton weekend

The weekend of Aug 20-21 was spent in participating in a corporate Badminton tournament in Delhi, where I was representing my company, Cadence Design Systems (L to R: Amit, Anuj and me). The tournament was organised by ‘Eventus’, and a total of 24 teams participated. We managed to reach the quarters, before being knocked out by the eventual champions DDA (not that we would have made it up against other teams ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Some of the best teams were:

  • DDA (Delhi Development Authority)
  • GE
  • AAI (Airport Authority of India)
  • Reliance Info.
  • Hero Honda
  • British Gas

This was a very exhausting week, and I had to take a day off just to recover from the stress. But, I was satisfied with our overall performance, with the limited training we did.


The Training Plan

Here is the 18 weeks training plan which I plan to follow for running a marathon by Dec 4, 2005. The plan has been developed by Hal Higdon, the details of which you may find in the book “Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide”

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Aug 01 18 rest 5 5 5 rest 10 cross
08 17 rest 5 5 5 rest 11 cross
15 16 rest 5 6 5 rest 8 cross
22 15 rest 5 6 5 rest 14 cross
29 14 rest 5 7 5 rest 16 cross
Sep 05 13 rest 5 8 5 rest 11 cross
12 12 rest 5 9 5 rest 19 cross
19 11 rest 5 10 5 rest 21 cross
26 10 rest 5 11 6 rest 16 cross
Oct 03 09 rest 5 11 6 rest 24 cross
10 08 rest 6 12 6 rest 26 cross
17 07 rest 6 13 7 rest 19 cross
24 06 rest 6 14 8 rest 29 cross
31 05 rest 7 15 8 rest 23 cross
Nov 07 04 rest 8 16 7 rest 32 cross
14 03 rest 8 13 6 rest 19 cross
21 02 rest 6 10 5 rest 13 cross
28 01 rest 5 6 3 rest race