16 km, and hurting!

As I reached the 16 km target for last weekends long run, I realised that it is going to be tough from here on. In my last run, tiredness was less of a factor than other discomforts like chaffing, etc. But this time, I felt fully drained out. This might be because the weather has been unusually hot for the last few days here in Delhi. I guess this might also be the time to start taking gels and bars stuff with what I usually take, Gatorade, as my running times go to 2-2.5 hrs.

BTW, I do my long runs in Nehru Park (Chanakyapuri, Delhi), an excellent place with very nice surroundings and a 2.75 km loop. As for the weekday runs, I manage in the sports stadium in Noida, a 1 km circle.


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